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Inspired by veterans & patriots with a thirst to restore our country to greatness, the Lords Of War movement was born.  For the People.  By the People.



A portion of proceeds from the membership you select below will go to the veteran causes we will support in 2024 and beyond.


For our brothers & sisters who served in our military and want to continue their service to the country, this membership is for you.


For our brothers & sisters who didn't have a chance to serve in our military but love this country and its ideals, this membership is for you.


This exclusive membership is available to Veterans and Patriots interested in serving the L.O.W. movement on a deeper level.

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Not interested in any of the memberships?  Just want to rock one of the standard patch kits?  No problem.  You can purchase the kits solo here.*

* Mulisha patch kits can only be purchased as part of the Mulisha Membership because it is an exclusive group inside the L.O.W. movement.


We have partnered with organizations all over the country to get you the best access to critical defense & security resources, discounted services, and opportunities.

You have a right to bear arms per the 2nd Amendment. If you need guidance on how & where to obtain gun training and/or CCW permits, we have relationships nationwide to help you on your way.

Antifa and other extremist groups are out to end our way of life. You need to be able to defend yourself at all times. We have partnerships with jiu jitsu & self defense studios all over the country.

We have training programs to help you qualify for volunteer & paid security engagements in your community. Let's work together to protect our schools, churches & local establishments from anarchists.


rep the L.O.W. movement!

Check out our latest designs and stay tuned for new ones. Remember, a portion of all proceeds go to support our preferred VSOs.



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